The Goodess' Tea Time (coffee set) 女神的下午宴 (咖啡具組)(可單件選購)


The Goodess' Tea Time (coffee set) 女神的下午宴 (咖啡具組)(可單件選購)




This tea and coffee set visually brings the elegance and quietness of a traditional tea time experience. Each cup has over 600 hand drawn marks made by our artists. This unique set would make an amazing edition to any collection.

When times spending over NT $ 3 thousand dollars or more (including three thousand),free Shipping within Taiwan.

女神的下午宴Spring Coffee Set

*一套 A set(含1壺、2杯盤、1奶罐、1糖罐、2調羹) NT$70,000
*咖啡壺 Coffee Pot 24x14.5x26 NT$43,000
*杯盤1組 Cup & Saucer Set NT$6,600
*奶罐 Creamer Jar 16.5x9x13.5 NT$5,800
*糖罐 Sugar Jar 12.5x9x12.5 NT$6,000
*調羹 Tea Spoon 12.5x2.5 NT$1,000
The Goodess' Tea Time (coffee set) 女神的下午宴 (咖啡具組)(可單件選購) listed in: