Seasonal Flowers Set (Colored) 四季一品 (彩繪咖啡杯組)(可單件選購)


Seasonal Flowers Set (Colored) 四季一品 (彩繪咖啡杯組)(可單件選購)

春頌蘭 (Spring-Orchid)
夏豔荷 (Summer-Lotus)
秋豐菊 (Autumn-Chrysanthemum)
冬戀梅 (Winter-Plum Bloom)

四季花綻香, 君可細品嘗


Seasonal arrangements feature flowers of the four seasons, which are orchid (spring), lotus (summer), chrysanthemum (fall) and plum blossom (winter), through a multi-three dimensional technique that enables appreciation of the flower cups from all angles. The cups are perfect for tea or wine drinking. When placed upside down, they become an art object for decoration or simply for appreciation.

When times spending over NT $ 3 thousand dollars or more (including three thousand),free Shipping within Taiwan.

四季一品 (彩繪咖啡杯) Seasonal Flowers Set (Colored)

*一套 (含春、夏、秋、冬四杯) 10.5x7x12 NT$30,000
*春頌蘭(Spring-Orchid) 10.5x7x12 NT$7,500
*夏豔荷(Summer-Lotus) 10.5x7x12 NT$7,500
*秋豐菊(Autumn-Chrysanthemum) 10.5x7x12 NT$7,500
*冬戀梅 (Winter-Plum Bloom) 10.5x7x12 NT$7,500
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